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Peter Fisher

Hi, my name is Keith Knowles. Peter sadly passed away on 26-7-21. I promised to carry on running this website for him. I've left his introduction here as a mark of respect and I will leave his profile picture in place. Thank you.

There are over 153,000 photos on this site. 545gb of data. Some are family related, including family history of immediate and extended family. Some history related. I have scanned some historical books and those are here. Some folders are full of friends photos.

There is a folder of Pete and Pam Computers and P&P photos and of people who worked for the company. Paul Whitney was my friend at school, was best man at my wedding to Pam and worked for P&P for many years. He died on the 1st June 2011. Many of his photos are on this site. He was a very talented man with a wicked sense of humour.

I add new photos regularly. There are many of the Rossendale Valley and many Port Erin, where I live. Beware, once you start looking, it may be several hours before you can stop.

If you have photos that you would like to share, please do send them to me and I will add to the collection so that others can enjoy seeing them.

I live on the Isle of Man, in Port Erin in the south of the Island. A beautiful place. The view of the Sound and Calf of Man must be one of the most impressive in the world. Each day, I try to walk up to Milner Tower, weather permitting. The view from there, of the Calf and across to Northern Ireland,is world class!

If you have any photos that you want me to add, please email me at

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