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Did you live in the Woodcroft area of Rawtenstall in the 1950s and 1960s? Did you have a connection with St. Paul's Constablee? Do you know someone who did? The next reunion of folk is to be held in Rawtenstall on the first Sunday in June 2017, June 4th, at 2pm. Please contact me by email at or telephone 0208 133 3250 for details.

I have added better copies of the David Whitehead videos... converted through the efforts of Ken Stott! He has also added background music. I would love to hear from anyone who is in any of the videos, especially the 1956 trip to St Annes!

I have a lot of new photos to add once I have edited them... Some are astonishing! Watch the Rawtenstall, Haslingden and Waterfoot galleries.

A few years ago, I had my DNA tested. More out of interest than anything else. It was expensive then. The results show lots of interesting things.. including whether I have genes for certain cancers. I am 3 times more likely than the average man to get prostrate cancer. So I have shared the report with my doctor, and am now 'on watch'. The report shows whether women have the gene for breast cancer. My wife and children, sister and nephew have all had their DNA analysed. I can see on the report how closely we are related. I and other people can also see how closely related we are.

The price of testing has come down a lot. It's an interesting thing to do to learn about yourself, and your family origins.. which parts of the world they came from.


Kits can be ordered here;

All the John Davies collection photos have been uploaded. Took me a while! I hope you find it has been worth the time and effort.

If anyone else has photos that they would like to share, please do send them to me and I will add to the collection, so that everyone can enjoy seeing them.

It would be really good if Rawtenstall and the other Valley libraries would post all theit photos online. I'm told that this is not really possible. It's crazy. The Internet is the medium people use to find information these days.

There are over 50,000 photos on this site. 159gb. All my current photos are added pretty regularly, and you will find them in the folder for the year e.g. Peter 2004, Peter 2011 etc. I've just added East Lancs Regiment diaries.

I've just added a gallery or Rawtenstall tram photos.

In addition I have a programme of scanning older photos in, and will add them to the site as and when complete years have been scanned. If you want the photos on disk, then let me know. I took over 7000 photos to California to be scanned at - it took that company less than 3 hours to scan them! It's not an expensive service either.

There are a lot of family photos from both past and present on the site. If you have any you would like me to add, just let me know.

There are a lot of photos in the history section, many of Rossendale, from photos and postcards. The Woodcroft section is increasing in numbers, and a video is planned! There is a collection of Port Erin and Calf of Man photos as well.

I live on the Isle of Man, in Port Erin in the south of the Island. A beautiful place. The view of the Sound and Calf of Man must be one of the most impressive in the world. Each day, I try to walk up to Milner Tower, weather permitting. The view from there, of the Calf and across to Northern Ireland,is world class!

The collection is growing. I add new photos most weeks. If you have any that you want me to add, please send them to me: or Peter Fisher 3D Princess Towers
Port Erin IOM IM96LH

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